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The simple life we all crave can be achieved by anyone! Just as a mother-to-be “nests” and prepares the home for the arrival of her new little one, following The Simple Nest Process will prepare you, and your home, for a new way of life. Liz and Kari, the founders of A Simple Nest, offer a holistic approach to organizing that focuses on the home, the spirit and the earth. Their down-to-earth process does not mean that everything should look perfect and remain tidy at all times, it's simply gaining control of our lives by reducing what we have to manage. When we clear the physical and mental clutter blocking our way, life comes into focus. We begin to walk a simpler path, wake up our sense of creativity and explore our inner passions. A Simple Nest is about self-discovery and finding peace and balance in your life. Don’t we all deserve a simple nest?

Order Our Book To Create Your Own Simple Nest! 

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