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Chirps n’ Cheers


Exquisite!!!! I can’t believe my eyes!! It’s all so pretty and inviting... Read more 

Liz and Kari are the best investment I have ever made for myself!

My husband and I lived for 23 years in a home we built and loved.  Because of its large size (three floors), we knew we wanted to downsize and find a one-floor residence that we could more easily and practically manage as we aged into our 70’s... Read more 

Simple Nest is a game changer! Both Kari and Liz are amazing at what they do. We sold a house and had to be out in 30-45 days. They took control and organized everything that had to be moved and sold what was left... Read more 

Liz and Kari are the BEST Team! They are kind, honest, efficient, conscientious, very geared to accomplishing the project in the most economic way possible-they are at your “beck and call”-find out what your needs, no matter how great or how small-quickly assesss how to best go about project, come up with a “game plan” and immediately get the job done... Read more

My room is FANTABULOUS!!!!!
-Reese, age 7

When people ask me about Liz and Kari, I always say that they helped me to do something I wanted to do for years but just didn’t know how to start. It was truly life-changing!

Our moves have always been stressful and a bit chaotic. This year my husband and I hired Liz and Kari to help unpack, place the furniture, and organize everything in the new apartment -kitchen, clothes, paintings, and mirrors- all of it... Read more 

My experience working with Liz and Kari was both highly productive and enjoyable at the same time. I had struggled for years with how to organize my kitchen, laundry room, and garage. In 3 short visits, they had my home organized in a very functional way... Read more 

We are so happy! Our mornings are calmer. Our meals are easier to mange and the changes you all made in our pantry are rippling through the rest of our house (and lives!). We have cleaned our drawers and closets that been unmanageable for way too long. Thank you again!


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