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My husband and I lived for 23 years in a home we built and loved.  Because of its large size (three floors), we knew we wanted to downsize and find a one-floor residence that we could more easily and practically manage as we aged into our 70’s.  We both dreaded the de-cluttering and “clean-out” of generational pieces of furniture and décor that had been such a part of our lives.  The task seemed so overwhelming, both physically and emotionally, that we avoided moving ahead for a while.Having heard such excellent reports from friends who had used the services of Kari Kim and Liz Ryan of “A Simple Nest”, we engaged them to begin the process of de-cluttering, moving us toward the goal of relocating, selling our beloved home, and finding an appropriate place for the future.

From the get-go, Kari and Liz have guided us with such kindness, gentleness, and expertise, that what is accepted to be a challenging, even painful, process, became do-able and even enjoyable as we experienced the joys of simplifying by getting rid of so much stuff that had been burdensome for many years.  Both of these women have amazing tastes, judgment, and sensitivity to the needs of their clients, taking us step by step, pausing when we became emotionally exhausted, and always encouraging us in “letting go” as we prepared for our new future.  Kari and Liz relieved us of the burden of having to make so many decisions on our own–they have established great contacts with antique dealers, buyers, movers, decorators etc. and would arrange all parts of the process for us—it worked like a dream!

As we were cleaning out our home, we found a wonderful condo which fit our needs and preferences.  What a joy to watch Kari and Liz move the furniture and objects we kept into the condo, and set up our new abode with approval from us for “best use” and placement.  We are so appreciative of their energy expended and untiring devotion to the completion of the job; we could not have done it without their support and hard work.  They will remain our good friends always.  We highly commend them to your consideration if you are planning to downsize, de-clutter, or make a move to a more “simple nest.”

-Susanne and Dick 

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